Why Windows Software Installation?

Wide array of open source software to be made available for customers who just reset or reformat their Windows. Software such as movie player, browser, antivirus, antimalware, and more are available from us.

Looking for a genuine copy of Windows software? We're here to help to obtain a genuine copy of Windows for your PC.

No matter you're a student or a office worker, if you choose not to use the open source office tools, Microsoft Office are your choice. Microsoft Office comes with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and more. No matter you're a home user or a cooperate looking for genuine copy of Microsoft Office, feel free to contact us for more information.


Varies depending on products, options and quantity.

Time Required

Installation complete up to one working day, maybe longer if the products requires pre-order.

Genuine Software Guaranteed

Genuine software or a full refund.

How Can I Take This Service ?