Why Corporate Preventive Maintenance?

Computers parts are expected to malfunction after a period of time as electrical parts degrade overtime. Preventive maintenance come into place where we inspect the PCs in your company and fix problems or replace parts before they malfunction causing downtime.

Our primary objective on preventive maintenance is to assist corperate that without any in house technician. We can schedule visitation frequency with the company for fixed preventive maintenance visitation, therefore company do not have to maintain a in house technician while we will visit your company and get the maintenance and computer issues fixed periodically.

Our onsite visitation covers from Perak area to Cameron Highland. If your corperate have over 10 PCs and do not hire an in house technicians. You should consider our service so that you will not have to send your PC to repair shops everytime a PC in your company is down as most cases we have diagnosed the issue and get them replaced or repaired before it is down, thus reducing your PC downtime and increasing your staff's productivity!


Varies depending on client's location and number of PCs

Time Required

Usually one working day.

Service Coverage

Perak Area & Cameron Highland
(Please Contact Us if your company are from other area.)

Other Corperate Services

Desktop / Laptop Purchases, Website Design, Web Application Development

How Can I Take This Service ?