Why Laptop Casing / Housing Replacement?

Laptop housing may be compromised when you fall your laptop onto ground or knock the corner against hard surface, resulting in broken pin or even screw positions which hold the entire laptop components in whole. On this situations, your laptop may not be sturdy as before and may be much more easily for foreign objects went into the laptop and causing further complication.

Ever feeling your laptop housing is way too scratchy and required a whole new housing to replace for that? With this service we are able to replace your old or scratchy laptop housing surface to a brand new housing.

Getting bored of your red color housing laptop, and would like to replace it to another color in your series without getting a new laptop? With this service, we are able to replace your laptop casing to another new color casing, subject to the availability of the laptop casing.


Charges varies depends on model.

Time Required

One to two working days for replacement process.


Not applicable for this service.

How Can I Take This Service ?