Why HDD / SSD Drive Cloning?

Clone your important data to multiple drives to prevent catrastophic drive failure which may cause all your data in your single storage drive to lose all the data.

Migrating your data from one drive to another but do not want to re-setup everything which had been properly configured on the old drive? Drive cloning able to help you to clone the drive as completely identical which is ready to go after the cloning is done.

Hard Disk Drive (Internal or External), Solid State Drive (SATA, M.2 SATA, M.2 NVMe), Solid State Hybrid Drive

Device must be both detectable and readable. Drives which is failed are unable to clone.


Charges from as low as RM100, depending on options.

Fast Service

Complete within a day to few working days.

Assembly And Disassembly Service

Whether if you need to remove the storage device out from your computer for cloning, assembly and disassembly service are available upon request.

How Can I Take This Service ?