Why Windows Recovery?

Windows Recovery is able to reset your computer back to Out-of-Box State where if your recovery partition in your computer is still running perfectly fine and we are able to initiate Windows recovery from your recovery partition. Windows recovery will also restores the Windows license that comes with the computer without any complication.

Lending a pendrive from your friend and got your PC infected? You can always try to scan your computer using any antivirus program, but however when antivirus doesn't help, Windows Recovery comes into play to help you to restore your computer back to Out-of-Box state without any sneaky virus or malware in your system!


Charges from as low as RM50.

Time Required

As fast as one working day or more.

Drivers & Software

Computer Drivers & Basic Software included.

Data Backup / Recovery

Data backup before windows recovery or Data recovery from corrupted OS available for additional charges.

Additional Software

Any other additional software can be requested for additional charges.

How Can I Take This Service ?