Why Fan & Heat Sink Cleaning ?

Your PC may be overheated due to dirty fan which cause reduced airflow within your PC ventilation, causing the heat inside your PC are unable to dissipate to the surrounding cold air. Such heat build up in your PC may cause overheat and thus may cause your PC to reduced it's performance to avoid more heat being generated. Even if after it've throttled the performance of your PC but still

Thermal grease and pads would degrade or dries up after prolonged period of usage and reapplication / replacement are required. Our heat sink cleaning services inclusive of reapplication or replacement of high thermal conductivity thermal grease or thermal pad (if necessary) in your PC.

We would suggest fan & heat sink cleaning service to be carry out yearly as a maintenance routing for your PC to ensure it have the best thermal conductivity. Our heat sink cleaning service involves full disassembly of your fan and heat sink in order to provide a through cleaning for the fan and reapply the thermal grease and thermal pad.


Charges from as low as RM80.

Time Required

One working day.


This service does not comes with any warranty. Customer have to agree on possible manufacturer warranty void upon taking this service due to disassembly required.

How Can I Take This Service ?