Why Laptop Motherboard Repair?

Any laptop older than 2-3 years old have a higher chance of motherboard failures. These failures may cause your laptop to be completely not able to power on at all and causing the frustration of worrying the data inside your laptop. Upon facing this situation, do not panic and make an appointment to send in your affected device for us to assist you on your issue.

If you're experiencing computer startup being stuck at POST (Power On Self Test), it may have a possibility that your motherboard is having issue which needs to be diagnose and further inspection to conclude if it requires repair.

From onboard chipset fried, soldering point issues, we are able to help our customer to resolve such board issue and revive your laptop in most cases.


Charges varies depends on model.

Time Required

2 to 4 Weeks.


Laptop motherboard repair are default covered with 3 months warranty unless stated otherwise.

How Can I Take This Service ?