Why Laptop Battery Replacement?

Ever have been using a laptop which it turn off immediately you detach your power source? That's because of the battery cell itself already dead and require a replacement. Laptops are meant to be mobility and not to be limited to use nearby the socket, get your laptop battery replacement today and restore the mobility of your laptop!

Lithium-Ion battery cells that uses on almost all of our portable electronic products degrates as time goes on or based on number of charges on the device. As most of the laptop battery cells are storing in different cells, some cells may die off earlier than the others, causing that the battery lifespan per charge as lower than expected due to some cells in the battery pack dies off. It could reduce your battery life span for your laptop from hours to minutes, get your laptop battery replacement done by us today and keep your laptop with you on the go without letting it dies in short amount of time per charge.

Most of the modern laptop battery pack are built into the laptop instead of detachable laptop. For more traditional laptop or some specific modern laptop models, detachable battery is still a feature and customers can purchase additional battery back and hotswap them and continue to have adiitional hours of battery life before dies off.


Charges varies depends on model.

Time Required

One to few hours for replacement procedure.


Laptop battery are default covered with 3 months warranty unless stated otherwise.

How Can I Take This Service ?