Why Laptop Keyboard Replacement?

Ever face some keyboard problem where you type "A" and it comes out other characters? This may be due to your keyboard has reached it's lifespan and it's time for a replacement.

Some of the keyboard will still function perfectly fine with missing the plastic button on top of the keyboard registers. However, although replacing a single key is possible but the price needed to replace it are impractical, therefore, a full keyboard replacement are recommended if you have missing keys on your keyboard.

While sometimes a liquid damage on your laptop does not cause any issues on your laptop, one of the most common issue for water damaged laptops is the keyboard start to behave strangely after the water damage incident. If your liquid are sweet, it may even cause your laptop keyboard to be stuck after pressed due to it is being stick at the bottom of the key.


Charges varies depends on model and options

Time Required

Few hours for replacement procedure.


Laptop keyboard replacement are default covered with 3 months warranty unless stated otherwise.

How Can I Take This Service ?