Why Windows Reformat ?

Ever been feeling that your computer is running much slower than when you first purchase it? It's because there's a lot of background processes and may be unused files in your computer which slows down your computer. A reformat could help you to restore your computer back to "Out of the box" state.

Lending a pendrive from your friend and got your PC infected? You can always try to scan your computer using any antivirus program, but however when antivirus doesn't help, Windows Reformat come into place to help you to erase everything and reinstall a fresh copy of Windows without any sneaky virus or malware in your system!

There's always many reason why your computer is showing BSOD. It may be due to hardware, bad OS files, and sometimes bad software in your PC. If your computer does happen BSOD quite frequently, we would suggest you to request for an appointment and send in your device for us to have an inspection, and if it's related to software issue, sometimes uninstalling the program doesn't help, Windows Reformat comes into place to help you to get a fresh copy of Windows without any problem.


Charges from as low as RM60.

Time Required

As fast as within 6 hours or more.

Drivers & Software

Computer Drivers & Basic Software included.

Data Backup / Recovery

Data backup before reformat or Data recovery from corrupted OS available for additional charges.

Additional Software

Any other additional software can be requested for additional charges.

How Can I Take This Service ?